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The most popular route from Benelux is via Luxembourg: Brussels - Namen - Luxembourg - Metz - Nancy - Dijon - Lyon - Valence - Orange - Nîmes - Montpellier - Beziers - Narbonne - Perpignan.

A good alternative is the A75 via Paris, Clermont-Ferrand and Millau (over the famous bridge). You then come via Beziers on the A9. This is also the cheapest route, because you pay no péage (toll) for large parts of the motorway. It is also the shortest route.

Our prefferred way is to follow directions for Bordeaux, to come via Limoges, direction Toulouse, then via Carcassone and Narbonne on the A9.

The last motorway exit on the A9 is Le Boulou, this is the final before the Spanish border: so be careful!


You then take the road for Céret, Amélie-les-Bains and Arles-sur-Tech (in the direction of Prats-de-Mollo).

This is the D115. After Arles-sur-Tech continue up the D115 following signs for Prats-de-Mollo. Be careful not to miss the road for ‘Montferrer’ to your right 3.3 miles (6 km) after exiting Arles-sur-Tech: this is the D54.

The windy ride up the valley from this turnoff is approx 4 miles. A sign (Mas del Roure) on your right welcomes you to the Farm via a sandy 150m track.

You can find further information on routes, tolls and roadworks on the Sanef website: French motorways maintenance. The Via Michelin website is also invaluable for long distance travel. You can choose a number of alternative routes.


Train and Bus:
train to Perpignan + bus to Arles-sur-Tech. There its TGV connection to Nîmes/Perpignan. More information can be found on the site of the French track ways.

Air Travel:
the nearest airport is Perpignan. Ryanair fly here from many UK and European destinations.

Ryanair and other carriers also fly to Girona (1hr15), Carcassone (1hr30) as well as Toulouse (2hrs30) and Barcelona (2hrs30).

All times are approximate.



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